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In Memory

  • Moxy 1993 - 2006
  • Asti 1991 - 2005
  • Tusker 1985 - 1999
  • Pancha 1975 - 1989

Farley (2000-2012)

Farley was our first Toller. His official name was Ch. Kylador's Bombardier Farley CGN, US/Can WC, WCI, JH, RN. He was a great dog, a best friend, a total rascal and always so full of life. We will miss him so much.

Moxy (1993-2007)

Moxy was a beautiful Sheltand Sheepdog. He was Marc's first dog. Marc and Moxy had a very strong connection. Moxy was full of charm and character. He he lived a long life he will be missed.

Asti (1992-2006)

Asti was a lovely 50 lb Collie x Keeshond x Newf we adopted New Year's Day 1992. She was a wonderful pet. She loved Tusker and was a mum to Farley, and was known to even snuggle with the cats. We will miss her tremendously.

Tusker (1985-1999)

Marisa's family moved to Kenya in the mid 1980s and it was there that her family got their first purebred dog, a labrador retriever named Tusker. Tusker had a typical labrador temperament - abull in a china shop. He kept Pancha company into old her age and then became best friends with Asti. He was full of personality and had such a sense of humour.

Pancha (1974-1989)

Marisa's first dog was Pancha, an abused Shepard-Lab cross her parents adopted in 1975. Pancha was Marisa's nanny - sitting guard by her stroller, keeping a close eye on her at all times, and letting her pull her ears and play with her all day. Pancha was an amazing dog who taught us about love and forgiveness.

Updated: November 8, 2012
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